New Orleans State of Mind: Catch It!

We’ve been listening to a lot of Martin Denny around La Belle Esplanade.  Tammie the Housekeeper likes to blare it on the hi-fi when she’s cleaning the suites.  Naturally, no guests are around to be disturbed, not that they would be disturbed.  As Tammie the Housekeeper says, the exotic rhythms put her in a New Orleans state of mind.  As soon as our guests walk in our front door, it’s safe to say that they are already put in a New Orleans state of mind.  Expect the unexpected!



Not that I ever have the occasion to charm many snakes in the course of my day, but Martin Denny music does make me think of New Orleans.  My job is to charm our guests and introduce them to said New Orleans state of mind.  Take a deep breath.  Relax.  Put your cares behind you.  Get in the groove.  You’re in a New Orleans state of mind.  Enjoy yourself.

Martin Denny, who is more often associated with Hawaii, the Paradise of the Pacific, is a nice fit for the burlesque daydreams and nocturnal reveries that unfurl in America’s Paradise City.


New Orleans State of Mind
Tammie the Housekeeper


You either get New Orleans, or you don’t.  Most people get it as soon as they step off the plane.  They get that New Orleans is hot, hot, hot, hot.  They quickly get into a New Orleans state of mind.

I always say that even when nothing is happening in New Orleans, something is happening.  That’s true.  This weekend is Southern Decadence, a celebration with which I have little to do, and the Louisiana Seafood Festival in City Park, with which I also have little to do.  I’m not mentioning all the other things that happen(ed) this weekend, like the art market in Palmer Park, the half price admission at the National WWII Museum, the whole baked redfish special at Basin, on Magazine Street, the fact that Jennifer and Anthony won an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas to see Louisiana native Brittany Spears perform live in concert in a radio contest, or that The Neighborhood Food Mart (2101 Governor Nicholls Street, three blocks from our inn) is offering a Divorced Man Special.

The Divorced Man Special is #15 in their list of 20 special meat deals.  Here is what you can get:

2 lbs. Pickled Tips

2 lbs. Pickled Tails

2 lbs. Smoked Sausage

2 lbs. Ham Seasoning

2 lbs. Calf Liver

2 lbs. Ground Meat

2 lbs. End Cut Pork Chops

2 lbs. Hot Sausage

2 lbs. Pork Links

2 lbs. Turkey Wings

2 lbs. Turkey Necks

All for $45.99.

A stool in our lobby covered with bottle caps. It's surprising comfortable, like a massage.
The top of a stool in our lobby that is covered with bottle caps. It’s surprisingly comfortable to sit on, like a massage.


Here’s an interesting tidbit from the flyer that Neighborhood Food Mart tucked into our front fence: *Free 750ml OF WHISKEY with any $50 Meat Special*.  Unfortunately, the Divorced Man Special doesn’t qualify.  For free whiskey, you’ll have to purchase the #1 BBQ Special ($74/99), the #3 Gov. Nicholls Special ($57.99), the #4 Mama Nicholls Special ($79.99), the #5 Papa Nicholls Special ($79.99), the #9 Big Beef Special ($69.99), the #11 Neighborhood & Friends Special ($84.99), the #16 Lazy Man Special ($55.99), the # 17 Big Boss Special ($57.99), the #18 Grandma Special ($69.99), or the #20 Gov. Love Special ($89.99).

In addition: *FREE HALF GALLON OF VODKA with any $100 Meat Special*.  This would be the #10 Neighborhood Special ($119.99).

Be thankful I didn’t list everything each special Meat Special includes.  If you want to learn the particulars, stay with us.  I’ll show you the flyers that get dropped off at our inn each week.  Studying these flyers should quickly put you into a New Orleans state of mind.  If you’re divorced, you’ll be daydreaming about 22 pounds of assorted meat.  If you are married, well, the sky’s the limit!

You won’t here a lot of Hawaiian music in New Orleans.  You will hear a lotta jazz, though.  If you want to learn how Jazz was born, open your ears.  You’re in New Orleans.  The evidence is all around.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

….where every morning is a curated breakfast salon.

Sunday, August 4, 2016:  Man, oh man alive, does it ever get any better in New Orleans than this?  Yep.  It does.  There is always tomorrow.