Palm Readings in New Orleans.

If you are looking for a palm reading in New Orleans, you can go to Jackson Square.

I know a couple of palm readers who work in Jackson Square.  You can get your palm read at any hour of the day or night.  There is always a collection of psychics and gypsies and

Most of them prefer to read tarot cards.  Tarot cards reveal more about the present moment than the life lines, and the love lines, and the strife lines we all bear on the grasping parts of our hands.  New Orleans is places where wishes get caught and cherished.  This does not happen at birth, it happens when you are here.

Welcome to New Orleans.  I think you will like it here.  New Orleans is what you make of it.

There used to be a tea room called Bottom of the Cup of the Cup Chartres Street in New Orleans, uptown of Jackson Square.  It is still there.  You can get palm readings, tarot readings, or the most traditional kind of reading, the one that was in gypsy vogue when Bottom of the Cup first opened.  They keep the tradition alive.  They do tea leaf readings.  Talk about living in the moment.  It is the next best thing to haruspicy.  I have yet to meet a haruspex in New Orleans but I have met than one tea leaf reader.

I have met many palm readers and many tarot card readers in New Orleans over the years.  They all are serious practitioners of their arts.  I have yet to meet a charlatan.  If you get your fortune told in New Orleans

From what I am told, and, believe me, I am no expert in this field, palm readings are good for some kinds of consultations while tarot card readings are better for others.  This is what the professionals tell me.

Even the licensed fortune telling consultants in Jackson Square will tell you that the densest concentration of palm readers and tarot card readers, and other practitioners of the predictive arts and sciences.  There are not only chiromancers and cartomancers.  If you are getting palm readings in New Orleans, you can always get a second opinion, or a third opinion, or a fourth from another specialist in divining rod things, I know the neighborhood you should visit.

You should visit Lower D.  That stands for Lower Decatur Street.  It is the part of Decautur street that unfurls its possibilities between Ursulines Avenue and Esplanade Avenue.  Happiness loves company.

I can think of four witchcraft/psychic/occult/spiritual shops off the top of my head on Lower Decatur Street, between Ursulines Street and Esplanade Avenue.  There are probably two or three more.  There may be more than that.

There are other shops, too.  There are also a dense conglomeration of 24-hour dive bars.  Welcome to New Orleans.  This is where the magic happens.

Get your palm read in New Orleans.  You cannot do anything you please but you can do a lot of things that you cannot do anywhere else in America.  New Orleans is a world of its own.  You will learn a lot about yourself if you get either your palm, or your cards, or your tea leaves read.

You belong here.  You belong at La Belle Esplanade.

New Orleans is calling you.  Answer the call.