Dining room at Cafe Minh

Standing on a Corner in New Orleans.

I was standing on a corner watching all the girls go by.  I was birdwatching as we used to say when I was a lad.  I was standing on the corner of South Pierce Street and Canal Street in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans.

This is not something that you’ll be doing if you are on vacation in New Orleans unless you are waiting for your wife get done with her physical therapy appointment.  Even if your wife doesn’t require medical intervention, there are few things in this world that are more enjoyable than standing on a corner in New Orleans.  Pick an intersection.  They are all interesting, all for their very own, unique reasons.  We love living here.  You’ll love to visit a few days to learn what it means to fall in love with the real New Orleans,  We’re here for you.

From my vantage point, you might think this isn’t the most interesting part of town.  On the contrary, pal, this is a very interesting neighborhood once you get off the corner.  It’s not all Walgreens and banks and real estate offices.  This part of Mid-City New Orleans is super-fascinating if you stroll around.

Anyhow, here’s how I spent a good five or six minutes standing on a corner in New Orleans.

When you are ready to Visit New Orleans, you can stay at 1896 O’Malley House or you can stay at The Canal Street Inn.  They’re both nice places but they are no La Belle Esplanade.  There is only one La Belle Esplanade.  I don’t go to Walgreen’s.  The pharmacy in our neighborhood is owned and run by a brother and sister-in-law team of 2nd-generation Vietnamese American pharmacists who know my name and why I’m there as soon as I walk in the door.

They know Frau Schmitt’s name, too.  Frau Schmitt is the better half of this operation.  She had a motor scooter accident last month and she’s got to go to physical therapy for her knee.  It’s nothing serious, thanks be to God, but enough to take a long time healing.

Now you know why I was standing on a corner in New Orleans at the intersection of Canal and Pierce Streets.

Have a great New Orelans day, today!

When you are ready to Visit New Orleans, you know where to stay.  Here is the link to our availability calendar.  What are you waiting for?  Mardi Gras?  We still rooms left as I write this.  Don’t wait til the last minute!

Monday, November 25, 2019:  We went to Juan’s Flying Burrito for lunch, a few hours after this video was shot.  Then, an hour or two after that, I met a friend at Café Minh.  I’ve been to this part of New Orleans three times today!

Dining room at Cafe Minh
Viet-Creole cuisine at its finest. Chef Minh is a restauranteur extraordinaire. He’s a role model for me.

I’ll probably have something to do in that part of New Orleans tomorrow, too.  All of New Orleans is important.  All of it is interesting.  We live in a real city.  You belong in real New Orleans.

Addendum, dated November 26, 2019:  I did go this intersection again, today.  Twice, on errands this afternoon, at two different times.  Every part of New Orleans is central to the part it plays in this mosaic of a city.  No part of New Orleans is banal.  You’ll see.  If you want to experience New Orleans like a local, La Belle Esplanade is for you.  You can check our availability calendar here to make a reservation.  We look forward to sharing our part of New Orleans with you.