Summer in New Orleans

It will be hot.  It will be humid.  The ambient humidity will make it feel hotter than it is.  Heat Index.  We do have air conditioning.  Keep the windows closed.  Welcome to summertime in New Orleans.

You will want to talk about hurricanes and about whether the levees will break this year.  If you want to enjoy New Orleans like a New Orleanian, you should visit in the summer.  If you can’t take the heat don’t come to New Orleans in the summer.

Summer in New Orleans is a joy.


Fortune favors the bold.  Very few people visit New Orleans in the summertime.  It is when people who live here visit the French Quarter and the typical touristy things to do because there are very few tourists in the city.   New Orleanians have the run of the city for a few months every year.

The price for everything goes down.  You never have to make a reservation.  The pace of life slows down to the tempo of a pleasant stroll through the park.  Life is good.

Local restaurants introduce new menu items for the upcoming season.  They showcase these new and inventive dishes in fixed price menus.  Two plates for lunch, usually, and three plates for dinner, inexpensive.  It is nice to be on the cutting edge of the culinary arts, especially when you are in a city as food-centric as New Orleans.

We love to eat out in New Orleans every time of year.  We eat out all the time.  It is especially fun to eat out in New Orleans in summer.  I love summer.  It may feel hot but at least we’re not shoveling snow!

If you are worried about hurricanes, New Orleans is not worried.  We have been through the worst that can happen to this wonderful city we call home.  No foreign country is going to drop an atomic bomb on New Orleans.  Even the coldest-hearted tyrant cannot hate happiness.  Everyone loves New Orleans, even in summer.

You deserve to experience New Orleans like you mean it.  Visit like you live here.  Frau Schmitt and I are goodwill Crescent City ambassadors.  New Orleans is called The City That Care Forgot for good reasons.  Live differently when you are away from home.  New Orleans brings out the best in people.  I see it every day.  Frau Schmitt and I live here.

Even when nothing is officially happening in New Orleans, something is always happening in New Orleans.  If you are bored in New Orleans, you have a hole in your imagination.  Any random day in New Orleans will fill it.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our part of New Orleans with you.  Our inn, La Belle Esplanade, is a pleasant and picturesque stroll from the French Quarter and Frenchmen Street, but we are located in a real New Orleans neighborhood full of history and surprises around every corner.  We are surrounded by cheerful activity.  You will meet the nicest people when you visit New Orleans in summer.  I know.  I live here.


-Matthew King.

-Proprietor with Frau Schmitt (who is the better half of this operation) of La Belle Esplanade, a small hotel that offers personalized recommendations and artisanal hospitality.

summer in New Orleans

We look forward to meeting you.