Front of the New Orleans Odditarium

The New Orleans Odditarium

We have a museum of local curiosities in our lobby.  It is called The New Orleans Odditarium.

Our museum is open to the public by appointment.  Most of the people who enjoy it are our guests.  You can be one, too.  That’s what it’s there for.  Your time in New Orleans should be the stuff from which good memories are made.


The world’s largest collection of voodoo cutlery.  Don’t stare at this display too long.  We can’t guarantee that some of the bad mojo won’t rub on you.


The bottle of Ciroc that one of our celebrity guests left us.


Jefferson Davis’s kidney stone preserved under glass.


A perfectly preserved school of genuine Louisiana Bayou Squid.


New Orleans is a city full of pleasant surprises.  So is the New Orleans Odditarium located in our lobby.  How many places have you stayed in that have an actual working museum in their lobby?  You’ll feel like Nicholas Cage when you come home every night.

Don’t miss the giraffe head, the Mardi Gras flower exhibit, the green spaghetti or the indestructible ice.

Little known facts and artifacts on on display throughout our lobby, including the Lucky Mojo Hand.

You never know what you’ll find when you turn a corner in New Orleans but you can be sure that it will make you smile.  La Belle Esplanade is like that.  We try to make our small B&B hotel as interesting as this wonderful city we call home.

Good memories are made on our street every day.  The best New Orleans memories begin at La Belle Esplanade every morning.  I see it happen every day.

Visit New Orleans like you belong here.  You know what?  You do belong here, in the real New Orleans.  Visit like you mean it.  We are looking forward to sharing our part of authentic New Orleans with you.

For people who landed on this page who are not staying at La Belle Esplanade and want to visit the New Orleans Odditatarium, please contact us at [email protected] to make an appointment.  We will be happy to share our part of authentic New Orleans with you, too.

Front of the New Orleans Odditarium

The more the merrier in a real New Orleans state of mind.  We look forward to sharing our part of New Orleans with you.