If you are bored in New Orleans, you either have a hole in your head or you’re spending all your time in the French Quarter.  Be the hero of your own New Orleans adventure.  Get off the typical tourist treadmill and discover what it means to fall in love with the real New Orleans, the New Orleans that people who live here call home.  Visit like you belong here.  You do belong at La Belle Esplande.  We’re here for you.

La Belle Esplanade
Your New Orleans headquarters can be a colorful historic mansion.



New Orleans is a city of neighborhoods.  La Belle Esplanade is located a one-mile picturesque stroll down historic Esplanade from Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street.  The first time you walk it, it’ll take you a half hour.  It takes me about twenty minutes because I’m not gawking around looking at everything along the way.  We live in a neighborhood full of history and details.  You never know what you’ll find when you turn a corner in a real New Orleans neighborhood, but you can be sure it’ll be good.  We live in a  city full of serendipitous surprises.  Every New Orleans day is a very good day.  I know.  I live here.

Your man in his headquarters
Your man in New Orleans.  Your New Orleans goodwill ambassador standing by to assist.


There are 36,000 hotel rooms in New Orleans.  There are 8,000 AirBnB listings, and about 5000 on VRBO.  There are 140 bed and breakfasts.  La Belle Esplanade only has five spacious and eccentrically decorated suites with a bedroom, a sitting room, a private bath with an antique tub equipped with a shower, and a private balcony.  Good memories are made in New Orleans every day.  The best New Orleans adventures are headquartered at La Belle Esplanade.  With only a .001388% share of the market for rooms, we only have five suites, only a lucky, lucky few can stay at La Belle Esplanade on any given day.  Here is a link to our calendar.  Plan ahead.  We tend to fill up early during busy seasons.

Yippee the Whale loves New Orleans
A local painter we know painted this picture for our lobby.

Of all the options you have to choose to stay in New Orleans, La Belle Esplanade is microscopic in the grand scheme of things.  That’s why we try harder.  We care about New Orleans and we want to share that with you.  This is what sets us apart.

La Belle Esplanade has been ranked the #1 small craft hotel in New Orleans (B&Bs and Inns) on TripAdvisor since April 2014.  It is in December 2019 as I write this.  We’ve also been rated #2 in the United States and #16 in the world.  You can do a lot worse if you are looking to experience authentic New Orleans first-hand with some expert guides to make personalized recommendations.  Nobody should be bored in New Orleans.  You have to know where to go.  We’re here for you.

New Orleans is a city that is densely woven and richly textured.  Nobody should be bored in New Orleans.  Only boring people are bored.  If you are bored in New Orleans you must be dead from the neck up.  New Orleans is a kaleidoscope of a city.  Let us share what it is like to live here.

We live in a city full of intriguing details and small surprises.

Squirrel in a New Orleans tree
Pay attention to what is going on around in New Orleans. Be like a squirrel with a nut in its mouth.

There are no strangers in New Orleans.  There are only friends you haven’t yet met.  La Belle Esplanade is here for you.  We only have five suites so we tend to fill up early during busy seasons.  Plan ahead.  Make a reservation today.

Nobody ever says their visit to New Orleans is too long.  It is always too short.  The longer you are here, the more you’ll realize how much there is to discover.  Our neighborhood is like that.  The whole city is like that.  Be a New Orleanian when you are in New Orleans.

The best dressed man in New Orleans is waiting to meet you.

To get an idea of what La Belle Esplanade is all about read our blog on this website.  You can waste a lot of time reading it.  I know I waste a lot of time writing it.  You can also follow a sister blog that La Belle Esplanade sponsors.  That blog is called, “The New Orleans State of Mind.

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When you are ready to Visit New Orleans like you mean it, off the usual tourist radar, you know where to find us.  Nobody should ever be bored in New Orleans.  If they are, they have a hole in their spirit.  If they are, they aren’t staying at La Belle Esplanade.  Catch the spirit of New Orleans on Esplanade Avenue.  La Belle Esplanade is a small personalized hotel dedicated to sharing what it is like to live in this wonderful city we call home.  You belong here.

2019 Travelers' Choice
The people have spoken, awarding La Belle Esplanade within the top five small hotels in the United States two years in a row.
#1 in New Orleans for good reasons!
Part of the .0001% of the global hospitality industry.



“There is no other place to stay in New Orleans if you truly want to experience the culture of the city. Matthew and Melanie are your own personal “tour guides”. They won’t go with you but provide personalized recommendations every morning over a delicious, home cooked, local food sourced breakfast. We looked forward to the food and conversation, learning more about the city every day. They went above and beyond to accommodate dietary restrictions and gave us a peace of mind we would not find in any hotel. The suite was just as unique as the city itself. The location was perfect, within walking distance to so many must see places. We can’t wait to return!”  -S.J.  Maryland.  October, 2019.