You belong here.

All Is Well and Good In New Orleans

New Orleans is just like where you are right now, only New Orleans is better.  How do I know?  I live here.  All is well and good in New Orleans.  It always is.  Everything is exactly as it should be, warts, scars, and all.

St. Peter Claver in Treme
You never know what you’ll pass when you wander alone on a moonlit New Orleans night.  This is Tremé.  This is real New Orleans.

Can you count the stars in the sky?  Only if you have the time.  Can you count the ingredients in gumbo z’herbes?  Only if you know the recipe.  New Orleans has its secrets but they are scattered everywhere, waiting for you to trip over them.  You don’t need to a college degree to understand the New Orleans state of mind.  You only have to spend a few days here, then a few more, then a few weeks.  Heck, you may as well move here.  When you embed yourself in New Orleans you will sleep the sleep of the contented.

Use your ears.  The breeze in the trees whispers pillow talk in New Orleans.  All is well in this wonderful city we call home.  All is good.

If rules are made to be broken then New Orleans is patched up just right.  You know the feeling.

You belong here.
This is your Man-in-New Orleans. You have a friend on Esplanade Avenue.

I don’t know where you live.  I’ve lived in other places, myself, so I have a fair idea of what I’m talking about.  There is no place so nice as New Orleans.  That should be the city’s slogan.  In New Orleans, all is well and all is good, and, what isn’t doesn’t belong here.  It belongs where you live.  Sorry.  Remember when your grandmother told you fairy tales?  New Orleans is like those places, only better.

Where does your lap go when you stand up?  It is hidden in plain sight.  That’s what New Orleans is like.  Sometimes it is one thing, sometimes it is another.  From whatever angle you approach New Orleans, you’ll be dealt a hand of aces.  They’ll probably be all of the same suit, too:  Hearts.  Nobody can beat that.

When you are ready for New Orleans, New Orleans will be here.  All’s well that ends well.  La Belle Esplanade will be here, too.  Being New Orleans goodwill ambassadors is what we do for a living.  Our five-suite bed & breakfast hotel has been ranked the #1 place to stay in New Orleans since April 2014 for very good reasons.  You should read the reviews.

You have two friends on Esplanade Avenue,

-La Belle Esplanade

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