Be a Regular in New Orleans.

There is a bar in New Orleans where there are brass plaques glued to the bar.  The plaques commemorate regular customers who have contributed to the history of this particular establishment.  The bar is located in Katie’s, a restaurant located on the corner of North Telemachus Street and Iberville Street, in Mid-City.

It is very glamorous.  Guy Fieri has been there.  Other famous people have been there, too.  You can hobnob with the best in this part of New Orleans.  The food is good.

Jefferson Davis is a regular.  I know.  I saw the plaque.  I know him in person, too.  Not the Presidzent of the Confederacy.  That guy is dead.  I am talking about a different Jefferson Davis.  I am talking about the guy everyone calls Norman C. Francis.  You know him.  He looks like he fell off a charm bracelet.

If you go to Katie’s, there is nothing bad on the menu.  I will give you an insider’s tip.  Are you ready?  Here it is—Get the crawfish beignet.  Guy Fieri loves it. It is more like a calzone.  I had a bite of friend’s crawfish beignet.  She and I shared a fork.  It was delicious.

This is New Orleans.

There is French Quarter New Orleans.  There is Garden District New Orleans.  There is Convention Center New Orleans.  There are as many New Orleans as there are facets on a chunk of rock candy.  Look around.  Find a wish.  Make it true.

La Belle is in Mid-City New Orleans.  Visit New Orleans like you live here, like you belong here, like you are home.  Home is where the heart is.

Be a regular in our neighborhood.  Show up at the same place two days in a row and you will get better treatment.  Show up three days in a row and you will be one of the gang.  Hey pal!

Our neighborhood is full of hangouts off the typical tourist radar.  Let La Belle Esplanade be the headquarters for your New Orleans adventures.