The Rock ‘n’ Bowl on Thursdays.

Here is a solid recommendation.  Go to the Rock ‘n’ Bowl on a Thursday night.  This is real New Orleans.  It is zydeco night at the Rock ‘n’ Bowl on Thursdays.  People come from all over the state to dance and dance and dance.  People don’t just come from Louisiana.  They come from Mississippi and Texas, too.  Happiness loves company and there is nowhere else to be happier than at the Rock ‘n Bowl on a Thursday night, zydeco night.  Laissez les bon temps rouler!

I am not sending you there to bowl, though you can.  There are lanes in the back.  It is a good time, guaranteed.

Go to the Rock ‘n’ Bowl on a Thursday.  There will be very few tourists.  There may be some Tulane College students there to soak up the ambience and have a good time but the Rock ‘n’ Bowl on Thursdays has a dedicated clientele.  They will be happy to see you.  A good time is had by all every week.

Here is what you should do:

Do not walk to the Rock ‘n’ Bowl unless you are doing it from the uptown end of the St. Charles Streetcar line.  That walk is not so bad.  From any other direction it is a long and uninteresting walk.  Get a ride if you are not taking the streetcar.

If you go to the Rock ‘n’ Bowl on a Thursday, which I highly recommend, I also highly recommend that you have dinner at Ye Olde College Inn before you go to the Rock ‘n’Bowl.  It is right across the parking lot.  Both are under the same ownership, so you know both are tip-top.  Thursday night is a lively night on this stretch of South Carrollton Avenue.

The food is good, the service is good, and dining room has a lot of New Orleans memorabilia to look at.  This is an old-school Creole neighborhood restaurant.

Have dinner at Ye Olde College Inn and save your itemized receipt.  Walk across the parking lot to the Rock ‘n’ Bowl.  If you bought a dinner entree at Ye Olde College Inn you will get $5.00 off the cover charge at the Rock ‘n Bowl, which is currently $15.00 per person on Thursday nights.  Two entrees on that itemized receipt will save ten dollars a couple.  Appetizers do not count.

When you are in New Orleans, you know where you should stay.  Visit New Orleans like you live here.