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Faux Geddy Lee Sighting in New Orleans.

We were sitting around at Commander’s Palace when Courtney said Geddy Lee was in the house.  Get yourself ready to geek out reading about this faux Geddy Lee sighting.

I have never met Mr. Lee in person but I did see Rush play live at Madison Square Garden on their Moving Pictures tour.  I know Geddy Lee isn’t in his twenties.  The real Geddy Lee is a musician who plays the bass in a rock power trio.  He has made a name for himself, as have his bandmates.

Courtney said, “I can’t believe Geddy Lee is sitting out there on the patio. I thought he was dead.”

Vince said, “Geddy Lee is still alive.  It was Neil Peart who died recently.  The cancer got him.”

I said, “Shhh.”  If that’s the real Geddy Lee, who this isn’t, he doesn’t want to be reminded of Neil Peart.  I’m sure the real Geddy Lee thinks about Neil enough, already, without us adding fuel to the embers. Be respectful.”

Courtney said, “Who is Neil Peart?”

Vince and I said it together: “Neil Peart is the greatest drummer of all time.”  Then, Vince and I looked at each other, startled, because we had both said it at the same time.  We hadn’t rehearsed it.  Neil Peart has never come up in conversation between us until Courtney brought him up.

Courtney took a surreptitious photo of who she thought was Geddy Lee, just to prove he was here.

That's supposed to be Geddy Lee on your right.
That’s supposed to be Geddy Lee on your right.

Then, she went to the front of Commander’s Palace and took another one from a different angle.

A view of the patio at Commander's Palace.
A view of the patio at Commander’s Palace.

Upon the basis of the photographic evidence, even Courtney had to admit that it wasn’t the real Geddy Lee.

If the real Geddy Lee ever visits New Orleans, he will always be welcome at La Belle Esplanade.  The faux Geddy Lee will always be welcome, too, but, the faux Geddy Lee probably lives in Metairie.  I talked to him.  He lives in Old Metarie with his parents.

Everyone who wants to visit New Orleans like they belong here belongs at La Belle Esplanade.  You are on the right website. If you want to have wide-ranging conversations over breakfast, the kind of conversations in which you never know how it will end, La Belle Esplanade is for you.  Welcome to New Orleans the way it is lived off the typical tourist radar.  Visit New Orleans like you belong here.  Home is where the heart is.

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—-À votre santé, nos amis.