Soleil and your humble narrator.

Soleil Is a Young Woman

I should write something nice about Soleil.  Soleil has a very clear complexion.

Soleil is a fair-skinned blonde who doesn’t have a blemish anywhere that I have had the pleasure to see.  Soleil has a very pleasant voice.

I would say that Soleil is as full of ripe curves as a bowl of fresh fruit but I don’t want to embarass Soleil, so I won’t.  Soleil is very nice and I enjoy talking with her.  Soleil has excellent posture.

Soleil is shy.  Soleil thinks she doesn’t know anything.  From what I can tell, Soleil has a good head on her shoulders.  Soleil is usually right.

Of all the people I know, Soleil is unique.  Soleil is friendly.  Soleil is easy to like.

I cannot imagine Soleil making an enemy of anyone.  I am sure that it happens, but I cannot imagine it.  I cannot think of anything bad to say about Soleil.

I write this on November 11, 2021.  It is Thursday.  It is Veteran’s Day.  Soleil’s mother died recently.  Soleil discusses her mother matter-of-factly with me.

While going through her mother’s effects, Soleil found a box of nudie pin-up photos of her grandmother.  It could have been a scene in a movie.  I don’t know what kind of movie that would be but I do know that it could definitely be a scene in a movie.  Soleil’s life is a story I don’t know.

I don’t know how long I will know Soleil.  People come and go.  Soleil is twenty years old.  I am glad we have met.  I hope Soleil is likewise glad we have met.

Vince reminded me of that nudie photo incident.  I had forgotten it.  I would.  It is the kind of thing Vince would remember.

I will learn something else about Soleil tomorrow.  Soleil is a young woman.  So far, so good.

Soleil and your humble narrator.
Your humble narrator with Soleil.