Frau Schmitt is usually right about these things.

The Best New Orleans Lunch Ever

Happiness loves company.  I had lunch with Frau Schmitt today.  We did it café style.  I read the Wall Street Journal and we chatted at a mutually amenable pace about things that needed to be discussed.  It was the perfect day to live in café time.  We went to Santa Fe.  It was my decision.  I felt it in my bones that this was the thing to do so I announced I was going to read the Wall Street Journal at Santa Fe and I asked Frau Schmitt if she wanted to come along.

“It is always nice to sit in the sun,” Frau Schmitt said, so we did.  We talked about all sorts of things.  I am in love with Frau Schmitt.  It is obvious to everyone but I don’t tell her enough.  If I did, it would be all we would talk about.  A happy marriage of equals is all about balance.

Frau Schmitt ordered a salad.  “Salad is the perfect food for a day like today,” she said.  I ordered another club soda.  Emily, our waitress, knows I am going to be here awhile if I am reading the Wall Street Journal.  I will eat all in good time.  Frau Schmitt has things to do other than writing this blog.  She is doing something with the dogs that I don’t need to know anything about.

I took a photo of Frau Schmitt’s empty plate when she was done with her salad.

Frau Schmitt said to me, “I can see it now, all in capital letters: FRAU SCHMITT ATE THE WHOLE THING.”  I assured her I would never do such a thing and she knows I am as good for my word as I am true to my code.

Frau Schmitt is usually right about these things.
Frau Schmitt is usually right about these things.

Frau Schmitt had to go to Terranova’s Supermarket, across the street, before she was off to do whatever it is she had to do with the dogs.  She looked so beautiful crossing the street.  Frau Schmitt is the nicest person you will ever meet.  You can see it in every little thing she does.  I am the luckiest man alive.  The sunlight today was just right for making a beautiful woman look even more so.

As for me, I stuck around and read the newspaper.  Café time is like mother’s milk to me.

viewing the menu
Your humble narrator hard at work.

I did eventually eat something.  It was something I caught Emily eating on her break and I asked her if I could have the same exact thing.  She obliged.  It was so good that I am going to order it again.  It will probably be next Tuesday.

The highlight of today was talking with Frau Schmitt over lunch.  Frau Schmitt is the better half of this operation.  You’ll see.

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