New Orleans clouds.

New Orleans Fables. Are They True?

When the clouds are out and the sun is bright, people think about the more cheerful New Orleans fables, but, when the sun goes down and the moon is bright, they think of the darker New Orleans fables.  We live in a fabulous city.  Aesop’s fables always ended with a moral.  New Orleans fables are amoral.  You never know what you’ll find in this wonderful city we call home.

You’ll hear plenty of stories if you spend any time in New Orleans.  If I could keep time in a bottle, the first thing that I’d want to do is head to New Orleans, a city of long-lived traditions and tales.  Some of the stories you’ll hear in New Orleans are real whoppers.  Some of them will be genuine, bonafide, 100% pure New Orleans fables.  There is no day like a New Orleans day.  There is no night like a New Orleans night.  There is no story like a New Orleans story.

Look! Up in the New Orleans sky!
What do you see when you daydream about New Orleans?

You won’t hear any New Orleans fables from someone from out of town.  They will just be repeating what they heard on their ghost tour last night.  You won’t hear many New Orleans fables in the French Quarter if you are talking to someone who lives here and isn’t your waitress or bartender.  You probably won’t meet many of those.


The French Quarter is full of history.  The rest of New Orleans is full of fables, magical fables, the kind of fables your maw-maw would tell you at bedtime if you grew up in New Orleans 50, 80, or 120 years ago.  Maw-maws still tell their grandchildren these tales.  To hear real New Orleans fables you have to get out of “the sliver by the river” and into ‘the back of town.”  No one is ashamed to live in the back of town.  That’s where most people live.

The Most Interesting Man in New Orleans knows a lot of fables.  He’s your man in the field.  You can meet him.  He happens to be a hotelier.  The Best-Dressed Man in New Orleans, along with Frau Schmitt (who is the better half of this operation) is the proprietor of La Belle Esplanade.  We have the privilege of running a five-suite artisanal hospitality hotel on one of the most beautiful historic streets in New Orleans.  We’ve been ranked #1 on TripAdvisor since April, 2014.

At La Belle Esplanade, you have two New Orleans goodwill ambassadors ready to introduce you to the best New Orleans has to offer off the usual tourist radar.  How do I know?  I’m one of them:

Thinking about visiting New Orleans? Stop thinking---just do it!
Your Doctor of Hospitality with a specialty in Orleansology has plenty of recommendations to make.

Fairy tales can come true.  It can happen to you in New Orleans.

If you are interested in New Orleans fables, we know plenty.  We love to share what we know about New Orleans.  We’re here for you.  You belong here.  La Belle Esplanade is the small hotel that respects your intelligence (TM).

Tuesday, October 15, 2019:  If you want to read real, authentic, heard-on-the-street New Orleans fables.  We have just the website for you.  Click Here.  The more you are in a New Orleans state of mind, the more you’ll hear this seductive city’s siren call.  When you’re ready to answer, you know where you should stay: at La Belle Esplanade.

Look! Up in the New Orleans sky!
What do you see when you daydream about New Orleans?