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When is the Best Time to Visit New Orleans?

Are you thinking of planning a trip to New Orleans soon? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. There’s always something fun happening here. After all, our motto is: “Laissez les bons temps rouler” (meaning “let the good times roll”). So, when exactly is the best time to visit New Orleans? Scroll down for the answer and discover what each season has to offer. Will it be winter, spring, summer, or fall? The choice is ultimately yours, so come see for yourself and experience New Orleans like a true native. Spoiler alert: it’s even better than you think it is.

What Season Is the Best Time to Visit New Orleans?


One of the ultimate perks of visiting New Orleans in the winter is the weather. No need to worry about walking down the street when it’s 90 degrees and as humid as a jungle. You can roam around as much as you like and explore our beautiful city without insane crowds. It’s also the ideal season for longer stays. Take your time, explore the various neighborhoods, and get an authentic taste of New Orleans. In December, you can also marvel at the numerous Christmas displays. City Park, for example, is all lit up for its annual Celebrations in the Oaks. It runs from the day after Thanksgiving until the Epiphany (January 6th) and is truly a sight to behold. Speaking of Thanksgiving, did you know it’s also racing season? The Fair Grounds Horseracing Course is the third oldest horseracing track in the United States. The season runs until March and is only a 10-minute walk away from La Belle Esplanade. 

Once the new year starts, it’s King Cake season in New Orleans. The beginning of January is all about eating this delicious, local delicacy until the effervescence of Mardi Gras takes over. It’s by far the most popular time of the year, even though Mardi Gras isn’t simply an event—it’s a whole way of living that lasts all year long. You need to experience it at least once in your life, so come join the fun. 


If you wonder what New Orleans is like in the spring, it’s like being transported into a lush wonderland of indigenous plants and exotic flowers. Marvel at this spectacle at the Botanical Gardens. Everything is in full bloom during this season— it’s a sight you can’t miss. 

Spring is also the time for festivals. There’s always something happening in New Orleans, remember? The end of winter kicks off with St. Paddy’s Day and its iconic Irish parades, then St. Joseph’s Day, a Catholic celebration honoring the heritage of Sicilian immigrants in the city. If you’re more of a music buff, you’ll be glad to know New Orleans is home to a variety of music festivals during the spring. French Quarter Fest (beginning of April) is a local favorite, as well as Jazz Fest, which every music lover should add to their bucket list. 


Summer is the slowest season in New Orleans. It’s too hot to do anything, so the city tends to empty out. Precisely for that reason, it’s a time for good deals, especially in restaurants. You can go in without reservations, enjoy lower prices and even exclusive specials. If you’re planning on coming with your better half, you can try out some of the top romantic restaurants in New Orleans, including one of our favorites in the neighborhood: Gabrielle. We can’t recommend their roasted duck enough — it might just change your life. 


Fall is a great time to hit New Orleans’s top historical places and museums. The city is filled with exquisite details, and if you look close enough, you can see the magic in each of them. The weather also cools off, which makes for lovely walks in the neighborhood. For example, you can head over to the Museum of Free People of Color to learn more about New Orleans’s heritage, or dive into the world of Jazz music at the Treme Petit Jazz Museum. The best part? Both are only a few minutes away from our craft hotel. 

Rain or Shine, New Orleans Is Always Magical

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect in each season, it’s time to make your trip a reality.

Some people like the predictable and bland chain hotel experience.  You’re not those people.  You want to experience New Orleans like you live here, where you will be in good company.  Our neighborhood is here for you.  

Experience true New Orleans hospitality at La Belle Esplanade. We don’t sell suites, we offer experiences.  Live out your New Orleans adventure with us.  No one ever says their visit is too long.  The longer you stay, the more you’ll realize how much more there is to discover.

[Editor’s Note:  When S.J. of Billings, Montana, sent in this draft blog post to be guest-written, I leapt at the chance to include it.  The caveat?  I’m not allowed to reveal his real name, his real hometown, nor his real gender.  She wishes to remain anonymous.  The seasons in New Orleans are very different from the seasons in Montana.  Any season is the best time to Visit New Orleans.  There is always something happening here.  Even when people who live here think nothing is happening, if you aren’t from here, the city is a kaleidoscope for your senses.  You’re on the right website.  Read about our breakfast to help you decide where to stay.]