La Belle Esplanade is located in the Tremé neighborhood, but our address is where several neighborhoods overlap.  New Orleans is a richly textured tapestry of a city.  It can be confusing.  Let two New Orleans goodwill ambassadors be your guide.  Experience New Orleans on a local neighborhood level.  Visit this wonderful city like you belong here.

Esplanade Avenue is a beautiful historic street that really forms a New Orleans neighborhood of it’s own, running from the French Quarter and Frenchmen Street on Esplanade’s riverside end, to City Park and the New Orleans Museum of Art on its lakeside end.  In between, there are small museums, famous restaurants, local shops, and beautiful streetscapes to enjoy on a relaxing day without a care in the world.

Located right in the middle of Esplanade Avenue, our small artisanal hotel is close to the tourist action but far enough away to be in the real New Orleans.  Read on to discover all the things that make our neighborhood so unique and charming, and start planning your stay today!


Stay on Esplanade Avenue


3 Things You Need to Know About Esplanade Avenue


It’s a Historic Avenue

One of the original boundaries of the French Quarter, Esplanade Avenue evolved as the city expanded into the swamp land that was the defining landscape of this part of Louisiana.  As the old Creole Families left the French Quarter after the Civil War, they moved up Esplanade Avenue, making our street what is known as the Creole Millionaire’s Row.  The stately and imposing mansions that line Esplanade Avenue are a photographer’s dream come true.

Bayou Road, which is the oldest street in New Orleans, crosses Esplanade Avenue where our small craft hotel is located.  Our luxury suites face Bayou Road, which was originally an Indian portage trail.  There is a park where the two streets intersect, named after Charles Etienne Gayarré, who is known as “The Father of Louisiana History.”  The historic Indian Market building is two blocks from our inn, as is the oldest house in our neighborhood.  You can get lost in the layers of legend and lore that make up New Orleans.  Let us be your guide.

It’s Away From the Hustle and Bustle of the Touristy Areas

La Belle Esplanade is a twenty-minute picturesque stroll from the French Quarter.  The Quarter is beautiful.  It is full of restaurants, bars, and historical sites.  Bourbon Street is Bourbon Street, and how much you enjoy that is up to you.  Most people who stay at La Belle Esplanade prefer Frenchmen Street, with its less-touristy ambience that is all jazz all the time.  We know of more local jazz clubs in the neighborhoods that we can share with you if you’re interested.

With La Belle Esplanade as your headquarters, you’ll be staying on a beautiful street in a New Orleans neighborhood all its own.  Traditions are born and are nurtured in our part of the city.  Get a taste of authentic New Orleans on Esplanade Avenue.  Small business districts punctuate the length of our street.  There is no architecture like New Orleans architecture.  There are no trees like the live oaks that twist out of the ground along Esplanade Avenue.

Though Esplanade Avenue is a locally famous street, it doesn’t have a lot of traffic on it.  Try sleeping in a French Quarter hotel.  There is noise and commotion all night long.  Our small hotel is located on a street where it is refreshingly easy to get a good night’s sleep.

There Is Plenty to Do

No one is bored in New Orleans even if they don’t visit the French Quarter.  Many of our guests who have been to New Orleans before stay in our neighborhood and enjoy what it has to offer.  There are five small family-run museums within a half mile radius of our address.  Dooky Chase’s Restaurant is a national icon.  Willie Mae’s Scotch House serves what the Food Network calls “The Best Fried Chicken in America.”  All sorts of Creole neighborhood restaurants line Esplanade Avenue and pepper the side streets.  We have our collection of neighborhood bars.  We also have our collection of small local shops to take care of the needs of the people who live nearby.  You will find very few chain stores in New Orleans.

Everyone is friendly on Esplanade Avenue, and in the Tremé, the 7th Ward, the Marigny, Faubourg St. John, and in Mid-City, the neighborhoods Esplanade Avenue connects.  Wander around.  You never know what you’ll find when you turn a corner.

If you get lost, just ask for directions.  Everyone who lives in New Orleans is proud of their city and they are more than happy to show it off and help you out.  You’ll see.  One of the reasons La Belle Esplanade has been ranked the #1 B&B and Inn on Trip Advisor since April 2014 is the neighborhood we are in.  Our part of New Orleans is enchanting.

Want to Know More Things to Do Near Esplanade Avenue?

Making personalized local recommendations to our guests is what sets us apart from any other hotel.  La Belle Esplanade is where smart people stay when they want to learn what it really means to fall in love with New Orleans.  We look forward to meeting you and to sharing in your adventures every morning over a curated breakfast of local delicacies.   In the meantime, take a look at our exclusive, free Vacation Guide. This great planning tool can help you find some of our favorite restaurants, events, shops, museums, and many more fabulous attractions.


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