A view of New Orleans

New Orleans Is Safe At Any Speed.

New Orleans doesn’t look like anything you are used to.  It is an old city.  The city of New Orleans is over 300 years old.  There is a long history of picturesque decay.  New Orleans is safe, though.  No matter what your Uber driver tells you, you can walk just about anywhere in most parts of New Orleans and still be safe.  If you are visiting New Orleans, here are two tips to stay out of trouble:  1. Don’t join a gang while you are here and 2. Don’t deal drugs.  By avoiding these two golden opportunities, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

A view of New Orleans
Visiting New Orleans is like living in a movie if you let it happen naturally.

The best way to enjoy New Orleans is on foot.  Bicycle is your second-best option because you can cover more ground but, in New Orleans, quality of experience is better than the quantity of miles covered.  When you walk around New Orleans, and this a very pedestrian-friendly city, you see more.  You’ll talk to more people, too.  The best New Orleans memories are made from random encounters on the street.  In New Orleans, we call the sidewalk the banquette.

New Orleans is a city full of details densely woven into the local tapestry of overlapping and richly textured cultures.  No one ever says their visit to New Orleans is too long.  The longer you stay, the more you’ll discover to explore.  It is perfectly safe in New Orleans.  The slower you go, the more you’ll get what it means to fall in love with New Orleans.  Five nights or more in New Orleans is a nice amount of time.  If you can only stay a long weekend, that’ll do, too, if it has to.  We know you have a real life to lead wherever you live.

Wherever you live, New Orleans is your safe haven.  Be your best self in New Orleans.  Good memories are made in New Orleans.  The best New Orleans memories are made on our street.  The bestest begin at La Belle Esplanade.  You are on the right website.

Love is in the air in New Orleans
New Orleans is safe at any speed.


Unlike traveling in a car, experiencing authentic New Orleans is safe at any speed.  The slower you go, the more you’ll appreciate the city’s rhythms.  Enjoying every day is the goal of every New Orleanian.  Visit New Orleans like you belong here.  Take your time.  Wherever you find yourself, relax and soak it in.  New Orleans is not like where you live.  Eternal love is the atomic fuel that powers New Orleans.

Love is everywhere in New Orleans.  It is love of the city.  It is love of neighbor.  It is love for tradition.  It is love, love, love all the time in New Orleans, the best, most pure kind of love.  It is love of place in New Orleans, love for the moment, the stuff from which good memories are made.  Real New Orleans is true.

When are ready to experience the authentic New Orleans, the parts of this ancient and wonderful city where we call home, you are on the right website.  La Belle Esplanade is a small, five-suite, artisanal hotel.  We don’t like to call it a bed and breakfast because you don’t stay in our house, but you can call it a B&B if you want to.

We offer personalized craft hospitality, tailored recommendations, curated breakfasts from local neighborhood shops, and good conversation about all things New Orleans.  New Orleans is safe if you know what you are doing.  It is safe if you don’t know what you are doing, too, as long as you don’t join a gang or try to sell drugs on the street while you are here.  You probably won’t go to those parts of the city unless you go to the French Quarter.  Our part of New Orleans, where New Orleanians live, is quite and peaceable and infinitely interesting.

At La Belle Esplanade, you have two New Orleans goodwill ambassadors standing ready to help you navigate this wonderful city we call home.  Welcome.  You belong in the real New Orleans.  You belong at La Belle Esplanade.  Here is a link to our calendar.  Plan ahead.  We only have five suites so we tend to fill up early during busy seasons.

La Belle Esplanade has been rated the #1 place to stay in New Orleans on TripAdvisor since April 2014, and we’ve also been ranked the #2 place to stay in the U.S., and #16 in the world.  Plan ahead and make the right decision.  Stay at La Belle Esplanade, the small New Orleans hotel that respects your intelligence.  You should stay in our Les Fleurs Suite.

Sunday, November 10, 2019.  You have two friends on Esplanade Avenue.  The best New Orleans memories are made on our street.

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