New Orleans loves you

New Orleans Loves You

When you feel down and out and alone, without a friend in the world, like you’ve fallen so far that you can’t get up again, dirty, despised, misunderstood, misbegotten, like a babe lost in the woods, fear not.  New Orleans loves you.

Sunrise behind La Belle Esplanade
Sunrise in New Orleans, in Treme, behind La Belle Esplanade

New Orleans loves you.

It is impossible to bored in New Orleans.  It is very hard to be unhappy in New Orleans for very long.  New Orleans will lift you up, dust you off, straighten your hat, give you a pep talk, and set you back on your way on its wonderful and vibrant streets.  New Orleans loves you.  Come see for yourself.  If I’m lying, I’m dying, and I’m very far from the grave at this point in my New Orleans life.

Wanna hear Da Truth?

There is no place else on this earth like New Orleans.  Ask anyone who lives here.  Get swept up into New Orleans’ momentum.  There is nowhere else to go but up, up, up.  Live in the moment.  Live with your heart wide open.  New Orleans.  New Orleans.  There is no place so happy and rich as New Orleans.

No matter how much people chase dollars, when they finally get to New Orleans they realize life is how you live it.  That’s what matters.  Dance like nobody is watching.  That’s the New Orleans way.  Take a bite out of life.  Take a big swig and swallow it down.  Get tipsy.  When you are in New Orleans, nothing else matters than just being here.  This city is its own world, magical, wonderful, full of vim and rhythm, full of moxie and pep, full of guts and heart, full of soul.  In a New Orleans state of mind, everything is for the best.  Why not?  Everything is for the best.

Wanna taste a slice of real New Orleans culture?  I’ve got three words for you, pal: La Belle Esplanade.  We live in an interesting neighborhood on a beautiful street.  Come see for yourself and join the party.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

…where every morning is a curated breakfast salon and every evening is a weave of shining stars and moonshine.

Thursday, January 12, 2017: It’s Zydeco Night at the Rock ‘n’ Bowl tonight!

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