You never know what you'll see in New Orleans.

The Peacemaker Po’ Boy

Have you ever had a sandwich?  A New Orleans po’ boy is a sandwich on steroids.   You can usually get them 6″ long or 12″ long.  Six inches of overstuffed po’ boy is enough for me.  Peacemaker po’ boys only come in 12 inches.

Whenever you see po’ boys advertised, the are always advertised as overstuffed. That’s one part of what makes them what they are.  The chef in a po’ boy shop don’t have time to count shrimp—he just piles it on.  Nobody complains about too much food in New Orleans.  It can make for a messy meal but that’s why napkins were invented.

No one goes hungry in New Orleans, body or soul.


Here is a recipe for a legendary po’ boy.  It’s called the Peacemaker.

1.) Cut off a foot off a fresh loaf of Leidenheimer  French bread.

2.) Hollow out the loaf, leaving plenty of bread at the end, so that nothing will spill out the bottom afterward.  You are making, like, a vase out of the bread that will held horizontally.

3.) Line the inside of the loaf with mayonnaise followed by shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, dill pickle chips.

4.) Arrange a layer of sliced provolone cheese over the vegetables.

5.) Fill every remaining space inside the bread with sizzling hot oysters fresh out of the fryer.

6.) Wrap in foil for the amount of time it usually takes you to get home to make it an authentic Peacemaker.


When you stay out too late, when your significant other is waiting for you with a rolling pin in one hand a frying pan in the other, you’ll have a secret weapon at your side.  You can tell him or her that you’re late because you were picking up a treat for them.

Situation defused.  Nobody can resist a Peacemaker.  All’s well that ends well.

I was reading through a book called, “Lost Restaurants of New Orleans,”  I thought I would share the origin of the New Orleans po’boy sandwich with you, along with running commentary by me as I read.  Maybe you’ll find it interesting:

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You never know what you'll see in New Orleans.
Your humble narrator.


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