Parrots on Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA.

Parrots in New Orleans

You never know what you’ll find when you walk around back-of-town New Orleans.  I know that if you don’t live here, you will be spending a lot of time in the French Quarter, and doing other things that your friends who have been here before have told you do, like visiting the WWII Museum or taking a steamboat dinner cruise on the Mississippi River.  Those are all fine things, to be sure.  I live in New Orleans, so, while I am always happy to talk about the usual off-the-tourist brochure-rack attractions, my sense of New Orleans is more nuanced, through long familiarity with this wonderful city’s many, many, many, many details.

You never know what you’ll encounter on any given New Orleans day.

There are all sorts of birds you’ll see in New Orleans.  New Orleans is a city full of pleasant surprises.

I saw some parrots in a cage hanging on a utility pole in front of The Flagpole Coffee and SnoBall Stand where Esplanade Avenue intersects with North Galvez Street and Bayou Road in downriver New Orleans.  The parrots weren’t singing but they were happy doing their parrot-y things.

birds in a cage

They were beautiful birds.  Their cage was hung on the utility pole and they, like everyone was enjoying the weather, an early March day at 10:30AM, without a complaint in the world.  Another beautiful New Orleans day, one of many, a day full of overlapping details.  I did find out, however, that the parrots went missing.  CHECK THIS OUT.

Who would steal two parrots out in public?  I don’t know about you, but I find that the world is full of people people who don’t share the same values I do.

Everything will work out for the best in the end, as it usually does in New Orleans.  There is always something to talk about.  There is always some heartwarming tale to retell.

Parrots on Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA.
Parrots on Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA.

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