Chef sprinkling herbs on steak | Do you need a reservation in New Orleans

Selling Something Nobody Wants to Buy

We always like to support our local businesses, so, when we shop for groceries, we shot at Terranova’s, a corner grocery store under it’s fourth generation of ownership.  The Terranova family sells groceries, La Belle Esplanade is selling something nobody wants to buy right now—a memorable trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

New Orleans is beautiful
Another beautiful New Orleans morning. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve seen this photo before.

Frau Schmitt and I rarely eat a lot of meat but, with five days of lockdown (which has not been the worst case scenario—that would be total quarantine), I thought I would cook a steak.  Why not?  We usually eat out so that we can sample various restaurants throughout the city so that we can be able to recommend them to our guests.  With no guests and no income, there is no reason to eat out.  Plus, all the restaurants and bars are closed due to COVID-19.  Most of New Orleans is shut down.  It’s a ghost town down here.  It feels like after Katrina except the sidewalks aren’t lined with duct-taped refrigerators and moldy discarded furniture.

When I ride my motor scooter around town to get some fresh air, I don’t feel like this guy I used to be:

Your man in New Orleans on his motor scooter.

I feel like Charlton Heston in the Omega Man.  There is no phone ringing.

I’m not even wearing a suit and tie!  For those loyal readers who have stayed at La Belle Esplanade, you know that I’m working out of uniform.  There isn’t much work to do.

Melanie don’t eat a lot of meat.  Even though I love a trip to Crescent City Steaks, around the corner from our address, we rarely go.  When we do go, I usually order a shrimp salad with blue cheese dressing and an order of German fries.

What are German fries?  It’s a boiled potato that has been sliced into circles and the deep fried.  It’s delicious.  Now you know my favorite New Orleans meal.  Just thinking about it makes me happy.

Cresent City Steaks is closed now, anyway.  Every restaurant in New Orleans is closed for two weeks except for take out and delivery.  Who orders a steak for takeout?

Chef sprinkling herbs on steak | Do you need a reservation in New Orleans
In my humble opinion, Crescent City Steaks is the best steakhouse in New Orleans, and the original Ruth’s Chris used to across the street!

I went to the meat counter in the back of Terranova’s and Jeremy asked me how business was for us.  “We aren’t going to make any money until the middle of May, at least,” I said.  He looked at me seriously.  “I’m sorry,” he told me.  I said to him, “Thank you for staying open.” I purchased a pork tenderloin for $6.46.  It’s going to last me three days.

This is the way it is in New Orleans.  This should be the busiest time of the year.  Tourism, which is the foundation of the New Orleans economy, is dead.  La Belle Esplanade is selling something that nobody wants to buy this month, or next month either, apparently.  Everyone has canceled their reservations.  There is plenty of room at the inn.

The city isn’t usually empty of visitors until after the 4th of July, when it’s too hot and too humid for most people.  We’re hoping people will want to visit this wonderful city we call home this upcoming autumn.  August is my favorite time of year to live in New Orleans.  Plan ahead.

When I went past our neighborhood witch house, everything seemed to be fine.  Go figure.  You can read about what a New Orleans witch house, read our sister blog here.

Ah, New Orleans.  You never fail to surprise me.  I thank my lucky stars every day that I am fortunate enough to live here.

When you are ready to visit this wonderful city we call home, we hope you’ll remember La Belle Esplanade.  Our small B&B hotel is here for you when you are ready to buy what we’re selling: good New Orleans memories that will last you the rest of your life.

In the meantime, stay well,

La Belle Esplanade