Somebody Put Something In My Drink

Some scamp put something in my drink in New Orleans.  It doesn’t happen often, at least not to me.  I don’t hang out at The Boot.  There was some kerfuffle at the Banks Street Bar, another place I rarely frequent, a few months ago but I forget the details.  I’ll ask Courtney the next time I see her.  She’ll remember.  She has a mind like a trap about these things.

Anyhow, I felt a need to wash my hands and I left my drink at the bar, as I always do.  Only a paranoiac would bring their drink to the men’s room.  I’ve seen people do it.  I’ve seen them bring a sandwich in there because they didn’t feel confident to leave it on the table while they were away.  I can’t live my life like that.  I trust people.  Call me naive.  You won’t be the first to do so.

I left my drink with my phone, my laptop, a book I’m halfway through, that day’s Wall Street Journal, a pencil case, and an opened roll of Sweet Tarts where I was sitting.  That’s my standard equipment for an afternoon on the town.  Everyone thinks I’m retired.  Sometimes a man just needs to wash his hands.

When I got back, someone had put something in my drink.  It was a gummy worm.


I like gummy candies.  I don’t usually eat the worm-shaped variety.  They are too long for my taste.  I prefer the bears.  I prefer to eat only short French fries, too.  Ask anybody.

I knew there were gummy worms in the bar because, earlier, Sarah had picked some up at Winn Dixie to make the cocktail of the day.  I forget what the cocktail was.  It was too sweet for my tastes so I didn’t take the time to remember it.  Just looking at it, I knew I wouldn’t like it.  That’s my way.  The only sweet things I like are Sweet Tarts and Frau Schmitt, who is the better half of the operation at La Belle Esplanade.  Surely, Sarah, the bartender on duty, wouldn’t dope my drink with a gummy worm.  Sarah is too good-natured for that.

The lawyers were there, Geo, Ryan, and Matt.  They come for a long lunch once a week.  They like to commandeer the corner where I like to sit, respecting my boundaries, of course.  I looked each one squarely in the eye.  “Which one of you put something in my drink?” I asked.

They all denied it.  It is almost impossible to get a straight answer out of a lawyer without paying for it.

I could tell by Geo’s smirk that he knew more than he was letting on.  I didn’t push it.  Like I say, these three characters respect my boundaries and generally let me read my newspaper in peace.  I trust them.  Call me naive.  They do.

I never did get to the bottom of this mystery.  Time will tell.  Stay tuned.

It turns out that a gummy worm marinated in well whiskey and Aperol is quite tasty. I asked Sarah if she could bring me another.  I indulged myself in a decadent treat.  I felt like a Roman emperor.

Sarah’s face said it all.

drink at the bar

Sarah is very good-natured.

Everyone in New Orleans is good-natured, really, at heart.  I haven’t made any enemies in my eleven years living here, nor do I expect to.  We just go with the flow in New Orleans.  The Mississippi River is called the Big Muddy for a reason.  Everything comes out in the wash.

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