There is a new mural at Sophie Wright Place, too. I wouldn't call it art.

The Good Shop New Orleans

There is a new ice cream parlor at Sophie Wright Place.  We’ll see how long that will last.  There are a lot of new stores on that stretch of Magazine Street, most of which don’t concern me.  The reason we were there was for Lily’s Café, which is a Vietnamese restaurant like no other.  It’s good.

I was Frau Schmitt, of course.  Lunch and a postprandial stroll on a sunny day with the woman I love.  It’s no wonder that I go through life with a song in my heart.  I live in a New Orleans state of mind.  

There is a new mural at Sophie Wright Place, too. I wouldn't call it art.
There is a new mural at Sophie Wright Place, too. I wouldn’t call it art.

There is a little store called The Good Shop that is tucked away on Josephine Street.  Kathleen, who used to live in the green house, has her own perfume company and this Good Shop carries her full line of fragrances.  It’s called Smoke Perfume.  Look it up online.  It smells good.  

The perfume display takes up the center of the back room and it’s really swank back there.  It looks like it belongs in Sak’s.  A really professional job.  You should go just for that.

The shop sells other things besides perfume.  Local makers.  Ethical gifts.  All of the etc., etc. that entails.  I even saw some things that tempted me, and I am a difficult man to tempt.

Frau Schmitt bought some kind of pastry and made friends with the baker, as she tends to do.  Frau Schmitt is the better half of this operation.  I am a curmudgeon.

You can meet both of us when you stay at La Belle Esplanade, a small artisinal hotel where we sit and talk over a locally curated breakfast every morning about all things New Orleans.  We live in a wonderful city.  You should visit like you live here.

We only have five suites in this colorful mansion we call home so book early.  We tend to fill up when the city is busy.  If you have any questions, please email us.  I am an excellent pen pal and answering questions is what I do for a living.

Melanie and I are looking forward to meeting you and sharing our part of New Orleans with you, —-Mattthew King, La Belle Esplanade.