Old King

The Truth About New Orleans Dive Bars.

Old King
Your humble narrator in a bar 30 years ago.

Have you ever been in a real New Orleans dive bar?  To tell you the truth, there are no such things.  Bars in New Orleans are community centers.  New Orleanians visit their neighborhood bars regularly with nothing to be ashamed about.  The truth about New Orleans dive bars is that they will keep you young.  I know.  I live here.

The picture looks like it was taken in a New Orleans dive bar, doesn’t it?  Nope.  You know as much about this picture as you know about the truth about New Orleans dive bars.   That photo wasn’t snapped in New Orleans.  It was taken in Naples, Italy, 30 years ago or so.  Living in New Orleans reminds me of living in Naples.  Living in Naples is like living in an opera.

I’ve never grown a mustache.


New Orleans saved my life.

I hear stories like mine all the time.  It’s something that people transplanted to New Orleans have in common.  My life was all topsy-turvy before I moved to New Orleans.  I was up and down, over and out, a pawn and a king at various times since that old photo was taken and the day I moved to New Orleans.  My life has changed forever for the better.

I now hear a hat.

People always think I’m bald because I like to wear a hat.  I’m not bald, I have as much hair as I did 30 years ago.  Here is a photo of me in a New Orleans dive bar last week:

Good New Orleans memories
Your humber narrator is always out on patrol all over New Orleans.

The truth about New Orleans dive bars is that they connect everyone to their neighborhood.  It’s not a dive.  It’s where people get together.  There is no need to attract tourists, a New Orleans dive bar is there for the neighbors.  Every neighborhood in New Orleans has at least one bar, usually more than one so that we can all meet everyone.

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