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Where Should I Stay in New Orleans?

Ask yourself that.  Be honest with yourself.  Say to yourself, out loud, “Where should I stay in New Orleans?”

You are on the right website.

Ask yourself if you want to stay in tourist trap New Orleans or in the authentic New Orleans, where the local culture isn’t commodified, it is in the air.  We’ve been seeing a lot of that during the coronavirus pandemic.

The French Quarter, Frenchmen Street, all the places tourists want to visit are shut down because there haven’t been any tourists to keep those places open for business.  In our part of New Orleans, the lights have never gone out.  True New Orleans depends on the people who live here, who live in authentic neighborhoods.  The pandemic hasn’t been great to any part of New Orleans, the city’s unemployment rate hovers around 30%, but the heart of New Orleans is still beating.  It always has.  It always will.


Follow your heart.

You have a friend in New Orleans.

You have a friend in New Orleans.

No matter who you are, no matter how you feel, ask your doctor.  A good doctor will prescribe a trip to New Orleans.  Time in New Orleans is always good for what ails you.  I know where you should stay.  You are on the right website.  You should poke around to see what we have to offer.  Visit New Orleans like you belong here.

Visit New Orleans like you mean it.  We live in a wonderful city.  There is so much more to New Orleans than you think you know or what your friends have told you.  Trust me.  I’m not a native New Orleanian.  I am originally from Connecticut.  I am a cranky Yankee to the core but New Orleans has changed me for the better.  New Orleans will change you for the better, too.  Take a week.  You’ll see.

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, Louisiana.

When you ask yourself, “Where should I stay in New Orleans?” you should think it over and decide what you want to be when you are here.  Do you want to be a regular tourist or are you better suited to being an honorary New Orleanian?  If you are on this website, I think I know the answer and I think I know the place where you should stay.  It’s a place called La Belle Esplanade.

You belong here
La Belle Esplanade. We live in a beautiful part of New Orleans.

Explore our website the way you would explore the rest of New Orleans.  When you follow your heart, everything will work out right.  We look forward to meeting you and to sharing our part of New Orleans with you.  If you have any questions email us.  If you don’t have any questions because you already know what is good for you, here is the LINK TO OUR CALENDAR to make a reservation.

Nobody ever says their time in New Orleans is too long.  The longer you are here, the more you’ll discover to explore.  Trust me.  I have lived here eleven years and I am still discovering new facets of this wonderful city we call home.  Visit New Orleans like you mean it.  La Belle Esplanade will be here for you.  Every day will be an adventure to talk about.

Have a great New Orleans day today, wherever you happen to be.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon.