Live long and prosper in New Orleans!

What Do You Know About New Orleans?

I live in New Orleans.  What do you know about New Orleans?  If you ask me, it’s pretty much nothing, and, like I said, I live here.  If I don’t know much, you don’t know anything.  No offense.

I’m not saying that to be rude.  You have one idea of what New Orleans is like that is based on TV and travel magazines and movies and voodoo.  A little bit of New Orleans is like that but most of New Orleans is much, much better.  Do you really think we’re all witches?  No.

New Orleans is a very Roman Catholic city.  It has been since its founding in 1718.  That’s why St. Louis Cathedral is in the heart of the city.  Of course, there are palm and tarot card readers at tables all in front of the cathedral’s door.  Tourists love to visit Jackson Square.


I don’t know what you know about New Orleans but I know that if you tell me I will listen politely.  There is more to New Orleans than you can imagine.  New Orleans is great.

As a professional innkeeper, who has run the #1-ranked B&B hotel in New Orleans since April 2014, I answer a lot of New Orleans questions on a regular basis.  There is more to New Orleans than you have learned on TV, in travel magazines, in movies, and in books—-especially Ann Rice books.  There’s voodoo, but you won’t know it because it doesn’t involved dolls with pins in them—-except when it does.  You will enjoy your time in New Orleans because it will only partly make sense, like being in a friendly foreign country.

There is no place else like New Orleans.  Our city is a world of its own.  Get lost in New Orleans and you’ll feel right at home.  No one ever says their visit to New Orleans is too long.  It is always too short because, the longer you stay in the New Orleans, the more you’ll discover in New Orleans.

Some people live in a rat race.  People in New Orleans live in a New Orleans state of mind.  What do you know about New Orleans?  If you are in a New Orleans state of mind, you’ll one of the key ingredients to living a happy life.  Good memories are made in New Orleans every day.

The best New Orleans memories begin every day at La Belle Esplanade.  We are a small artisanal B&B hotel.  There is a whole industry built up around hospitality.  La Belle Esplanade is not part of any chain.  What we offer is personalized, craft hospitality.  You have two friends at La Belle Esplanade who are looking forward to meeting you and to sharing our part of the authentic New Orleans with you.  We live in a super-interesting neighborhood.  You’ll see.

Visit the things on the typical tourist radar when you are in New Orleans, but, when you’re done with that, visit this wonderful city we call home like you belong here.  You know what?  You do belong here.