The New Orleans Answer Man.

Where Smart People Stay in New Orleans.

La Belle Esplanade is the New Orleans hotel that respects your intelligence.  We don’t dumb things down for you.  Every morning starts with a curated breakfast salon full of neighborhood food and good conversation, with plenty of chicory coffee to go along with it.  If you want to know where smart people stay in New Orleans, read on.  La Belle Esplanade will respect your intelligence.

I was thinking about how to tell people that La Belle Esplanade is where smart people stay in New Orleans.  I asked my assistant, Ms. Richardson, to take a video of me talking about it.  As usual, there was no rehearsal.  There wasn’t even a script.  She pushes “RECORD” and I start talking.  When we reached the three minute mark, she gave a tug on her ear.  That’s the signal.

A person can never have too many hats.

I think this video will take up four minutes twenty-seven seconds of your life.  I didn’t check.  That’s what I remember Ms. Richardson told me and I trust her in matters like this.  See what you think.  This is going to be an advertising campaign we’re working on here.  Maybe it’s not Super Bowl material, but maybe it is:

If you want to be a New Orleanian in New Orleans, you’ve found the right small hotel that will respect your intelligence.  If you think three days on Bourbon Street makes you a real New Orleanian, you should stay at a French Quarter hotel.  You won’t need to bring your own earplugs.  Most New Orleans hotels in the French Quarter provide them at bedside, gratis.  It saves on complaints if the hotels just put them at bedside at check-in.

Everyone loves the French Quarter.  Those in the know love the rest of New Orleans, too, sometimes better.  We don’t eat gumbo and jambalaya every meal.  I can’t remember the last time I even saw jambalaya on a menu.  We don’t usually eat in tourist restaurants unless we have to review them.  For lunch today, at Maple Street Café, I had roasted garlic and crabmeat soup and a crawfish and eggplant sandwich.  That is real New Orleans.  I love a place that knows how to cook eggplant.

A special eggplant dish is being served at Gabrielle, around the corner from our address, for the month of September.  Dinner only.  We went for lunch and the chef prepared it for us.  It wasn’t busy when we were there.  It is absolutely delicious.  Everything at Gabrielle is delicious.

First-timers to New Orleans stay in the French Quarter or at the hotel their company has paid for them to stay during that big orthodontist convention.  Where do smart people who know New Orleans stay?  Hello.  This is La Belle Esplanade, where the elite meet to eat and to learn what it means to fall in love with New Orleans.  We live in a wonderful neighborhood in a city full of wonders.  You belong here.  Make our part of New Orleans your part of New Orleans.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019: La Belle Esplanade is a small artisanal hotel in New Orleans.  What we offer is personalized craft hospitality.  Ours is the New Orleans hotel that respects your intelligence.  Welcome.  We love to share what it is like to live in New Orleans, a city like no other.  As New Orleans goodwill ambassadors, our pleasure is to help you make good memories that will last you the rest of your life.

If you want to really burrow down into The New Orleans State of Mind, our sister blog is here.  Read both blogs before you visit New Orleans.  Adventure awaits.  Visit New Orleans like you belong here.  If you’ve read this far, you belong at La Belle Esplanade.  Check our calendar can be found here to check what suites we have available for your visit.

You have two friends on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans, 

-La Belle Esplanade

2019 TripAdvisor Award
Two years in a row: one of the top 0.001% best place to stay.