What’s the ideal amount of time to spend in New Orleans?  It depends on what you are looking for.  It’s a kaleidoscope of a city.  If you just want to see the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, you should stay in a hotel in the French Quarter over a weekend and get it out of your system.  If you want to see the Garden District and see where Sandra Bullock and John Goodman have homes, you should stay at a B&B in the Garden District.  If you want to know what it is like to live in New Orleans on this side of Canal Street, well, you’ve found our website.

We’ve lived in a lot of places in the U.S., in Europe, and in Asia. We’ve never lived in a place like New Orleans. It’s a mesmerizing city. You’re going to like it and you aren’t going to be bored. If you’re bored, that says more about you than it says about New Orleans.  The city is always more Mardi Gras than Arbor Day, no matter what the calendar says.

We’ve been in the business of being goodwill ambassadors for our adopted home awhile now. We’ve noticed that the people who glean the most out of their time stay for four or five nights, or more. After a week, you need to get home to take care of things on the homefront. If you stay for a week, though, those seven nights will be a wink in a dreamscape.

You really should stay for three nights at a minimum.  We’re not doctors, of course, we are only simple innkeepers, but that’s what we prescribe.

Most weekends, we require a three-night minimum stay. Why? Because we like to host people who want to immerse themselves in the New Orleans experience. It’s a different world down here. We’re not travel industry scientists, but two nights with one full day sandwiched between is too short.  You should allow yourself time to savor the details. You never know what you’ll find when you turn a corner. We live here and we never know what we’ll find. Life in the New Orleans’ streetscape is enchanting.

We admire adventurers who are willing to stay longer rather than shorter. Nobody ever says their stay was too long. It’s always the opposite. Even when nothing is going on in New Orleans, something is going on. It isn’t always for tourists. Most things of interest are for the people who live here. People who live here don’t pop in for two nights. We’re here for the duration. We hope your duration will be as long as you can manage. You won’t regret it.  If you can only manage two nights, no worries.  Nobody judges anybody in New Orleans.  Laissez les bon temps rouler.  You’ll get a taste.  You’ll promise yourself to return.  You will be back, someday.  Why wait for someday when you can longer now?

Some of our guests spend their first one, two, or three days just in our neighborhood.  Esplanade Avenue, Treme, and Faubourg St. John, though beautiful and historic, aren’t really considered tourist destinations.  We don’t know why not.  There is that much going on if you are the kind of traveller who enjoys peaceable surroundings, small-scale museums, and restaurants locals enjoy, and just living the rhythm of America’s most unique city.  Everyone here is friendly.  They are New Orleans-friendly.  Everyone you pass on the street will say hello and most are happy to strike up a conversation and give you directions and recommendations if you need them.  It’s that kind of a place.

The longer you stay in New Orleans, the more you’ll appreciate the city’s details.  The longer you are in New Orleans, really in it, the more you’ll fall in love.  The longer you love New Orleans, the better the chance you’ll be back for more.  You’ll be back for more.  New Orleans loves you.  Keep close to the city as long as you can.  Be a New Orleanian wherever you are.