New Orleans Street

Do You Love New Orleans?

I want to know right now, before we go any further, do you love New Orleans?  Will you love it forever?

It’s easy if you try.

You’ll make good memories that will last the rest of your life.

You don’t have to sleep on it, but, if you want to, the best place to get a good night’s rest is at La Belle Esplanade.  Our small artisanal New Orleans B&B hotel is a paradise on Esplanade Avenue.

Close to the typical tourist attractions but far enough outside the tourist bubble that you’ll really learn what it means to fall in love with hyperlocal New Orleans.  There are angels in New Orleans’ details.  La Belle Esplanade is one of them.  Visit like you belong here, because, you know what?  You do belong here.  You have two friends on Esplanade Avenue.

La Belle Esplanade. Your home in New Orleans.


When you can’t keep away from New Orleans anymore and you’re crazed, and it hits you like a tidal wave, you should get your good self down here.  You owe your good self that.

Do you love New Orleans?  I know I do.  I should.  I live here.  Home is where the heart is.  If you don’t love New Orleans yet, you will soon if you stay at La Belle Esplanade.  Our B&B hotel is here for you.  Personalized service and in-depth recommendations are what we’re all about.

Our five-suite New Orleans B&B hotel is fills up early for busy seasons so plan ahead.  The only way to recommendation at La Belle Esplanade is through this website.  We are not on AirBnB, Expedia,, VRBO,, etc, etc, no matter what they say.  La Belle Esplanade is the real deal.  Cut out the middleman and get the best value by dealing directly with the owners of your hotel.  We’re not here to oversell.  We’re here to help you navigate this often-confusing, wonderful city we call home.

The best New Orleans memories begin every morning at La Belle Esplanade.  It’s totally worth it.  All our reviews can’t be wrong!

We look forward to sharing our part of New Orleans with you.

-Matthew King and Melanie Schmitt

La Belle Esplanade.

La Belle Esplanade. Your home in New Orleans.