Summer in New Orleans

It will be hot.  It will be humid.  The ambient humidity will make it feel hotter than it is.  Heat Index.  We do have air conditioning.  Keep the windows closed.

Unsung Hero

Frau Schmitt is the unsung hero of these poems and the better half of this operation.  She is going to be unhappy that I posted a public photo of her

Mysterious Shoes.

You never know what you’ll find when you turn a corner in New Orleans.  Sometimes it is voodoo.  Sometimes it is regular magic, the everyday kind.  I have had it

What I’m Up To.

Settle in.  I want to tell you what I’m up to. It only looks like an Edward Hopper painting.  This is my life in New Orleans. A woman can be

Ask the Guy With the Monocle.

I purchased a new monocle recently.  It is made of faux tortoise shell, so it is thicker than my wire monocles, hence, it is more noticeable.  That’s it’s downside.  I

Oysters with Caviar.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about oysters with caviar beyond mentioning that I had a dozen for lunch.  They were delicious.  I was at the

Dear Prudence

Won’t you come out to play?  Greet the brand new day? Let’s have lunch.  Whaddaya say? Today is Saturday, which means there was no traffic in the streets this morning.

What’s Your Fortune?

If you want to learn your future, you can get your palm read or some faux gypsy grifter can stare at her tarot cards and spin you a story.  You

City Park.

My heart knows what the wild goose knows and my heart goes where the wild goose goes.  We are both going to City Park today.  Wanna come?  If you have

About Fried Chicken.

You don’t need to be from Kentucky to get lucky in New Orleans but it doesn’t hurt.  There are more Popeyes and Churches than there are KFCs.  To tell the