Autumn in New Orleans

When you live in New Orleans you can feel the seasons in your bones.  The temperature fluctuates more in winter than in summer.  Spring and autumn are wings of summer.

The Rock ‘n’ Bowl on Thursdays.

Here is a solid recommendation.  Go to the Rock ‘n’ Bowl on a Thursday night.  This is real New Orleans.  It is zydeco night at the Rock ‘n’ Bowl on

Be a Regular in New Orleans.

There is a bar in New Orleans where there are brass plaques glued to the bar.  The plaques commemorate regular customers who have contributed to the history of this particular

Living the NOLA Life

When people come to New Orleans they start to tell Orleanians about the city where they live. They receive a blank look in return. Other places play a different game

Joan of Arc

I have been going to the French Quarter more often than usual recently.  There is no particular reason beyond me having nothing else to do.  I live in New Orleans.

Hot New Orleans August.

July was hot but July is always hot in New Orleans.  August is even hotter.  It happens every year.  Few people visit New Orleans in August.  Not only is it

Summer in New Orleans

It will be hot.  It will be humid.  The ambient humidity will make it feel hotter than it is.  Heat Index.  We do have air conditioning.  Keep the windows closed.

Unsung Hero

Frau Schmitt is the unsung hero of these poems and the better half of this operation.  She is going to be unhappy that I posted a public photo of her

Mysterious Shoes.

You never know what you’ll find when you turn a corner in New Orleans.  Sometimes it is voodoo.  Sometimes it is regular magic, the everyday kind.  I have had it

What I’m Up To.

Settle in.  I want to tell you what I’m up to. It only looks like an Edward Hopper painting.  This is my life in New Orleans. A woman can be