The Best of La Belle’s Blog

La Belle Esplanade has been open for business for seven years.  7.  Lucky 7.  We rolled the dice and here we are.  Rated the #1 place to stay in New

New Orleans Is Different

If you don’t think New Orleans is different from everywhere else, you haven’t been to New Orleans.  How different?  It is like nowhere else on God’s green Earth, my friend,

New Orleans Smells Good

New Orleans air will set you free.  Flare your nostrils and inhale when you walk down a New Orleans street and you’ll get a wallop of layered goodness that no

Best Restaurants on Esplanade Avenue

Wanna know the best restaurants on Esplanade Avenue?  There are plenty of good restaurants.  I’m just going to stuff this phrase, “Best Restaurants on Esplanade Avenue,” in today’s installment at

The Best Shrimp in New Orleans

If you are looking for the best shrimp in New Orleans, there are plenty of dishes served in plenty of restaurants to choose from.  If you want a great shrimp

The Best Oysters Rockefeller in New Orleans

You would think I’d post a picture of Oysters Rockefeller for an article entitled, “The Best Oysters Rockefeller in New Orleans.”  Wrong again.  Instead, here’s a picture of the Joan